Kelsey (helloimkelsey) wrote,

I really can't hold it in any longer...

So, I'm opening Koljeda Grafika... what's that you ask? It's my graphic journal!

Here, some pimping or whatever:

koljeda_grafika koljeda_grafika koljeda_grafika koljeda_grafika koljeda_grafika

I think that should be enough. :)

So, if you've friended me for my tutorials or icons or whatever, feel free to unfriend me and join my community (although you can't post, sorry)!

Actually, I really want this journal back as a normal journal, so please, go and join! I will no longer be posting anything graphic-related here!!!

I've been hoarding tutorials, and I just posted three in koljeda_grafika, so go there!

I will be posting more tuts soon too, so go and join pplz!!!


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